Average Arab Expat Executive Salary

Average Arab Expat Executive Salary

Are you an Arab Expat working in the Gulf? Wondering how your salary may be affected this year due to the drop in oil prices?

Well there is good news according to the Gulf Business Salary Survey indicating “positive momentum” in 2015 with pay packets for many executives in the gulf rising.

Average salaries rose in general, increasing from $10,392 a month to $11,211 per month in US Dollars across all demographics with Arab expat salaries increasing 5.31 per cent up to an average of $11,117 per month.

One of the main reasons why this number has increased was due to multinational CEO wages rising 39 per cent, compared to last year where they saw a decrease.

From CEO to Chairman - The transitionThe country for the highest average Arab expat wage was found in Qatar, earning a monthly income of $34,197 for a CEO or MD position in a large multinational. The next highest was the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ($34,185), United Arab Emirates ($29,768), Kuwait ($28,287) and Bahrain and Oman both hovering around the $27,000 per month mark for the same position.

There was a significant drop in income for CEOs of local organisations, earning more than $10,000 less per month in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE, whilst about only $8,000 USD difference per months in Bahrain and Oman.

IT Manager’s garnered a significantly higher wage this year, with the average monthly income in Qatar returning $14,000 per month. It was $13,000 per month in Saudi Arabia, $12,300 per month in the UAE, $11,500 per month in Kuwait, $11,300 in Bahrain and $10,473 in Oman.

With the increased investment from governments looking to invest in their infrastructure and diversify their portfolio away from oil, construction remains an industry booming in the gulf.


This means salaries are favourable for those working in the construction sector. Typically a high demand for such middle management and senior management positions, a project manager in construction can be walking away with quite a handsome pay packet.

$14,000 per month in Qatar where construction is booming as development towards the 2022 FIFA World Cup continues, it is not the country where Arab expats can receive the highest wage.

A Project Manager in Saudi Arabia will earn on average $15,500 per month according the survey, superseding all other neighbouring gulf nations by more than $1,500 per month.

The UAE has the third highest salaries earning on average $12,500 but the lure of many of the largest multinational construction companies headquartered here makes the move to the UAE more lucrative for many Arab and western expats.

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