This Is Why You Aren’t Being Headhunted

This Is Why You Aren’t Being Headhunted

You are tired of your job. In fact, you have been tired of your job for two years now. You’ve been passively searching for a job for that amount of time with no success. Sending out about a dozen applications per month. But no luck. So you sit at the same job longing for something better to appear.

Sound familiar?

It is a frequent occurrence with someone looking for a new job. However, most of the time it is not about luck.

It actually has more to do with effort.

Because there are so many other people looking for a job, the job market is very saturated. Previous openings may have seen just a handful of applications in the past; such openings now see applications in there thousands, all thanks to online job applications.

This has made it more difficult to land a job. What may have worked in the past will unfortunately not be sufficient anymore. 

The Biggest Difference – A Strategy Is A Must!

The biggest difference jobseekers need to take into consideration is that an unstructured job search is now an out-dated approach to finding a new position.

There are various avenues you can apply for jobs. Online applications, LinkedIn, newspaper, internal job openings, referrals and there are also ways you can be headhunted through jobs, blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter, CV Library, the lists goes on.

The Impact of Social Media on the Recruitment Process

Applying in only one form is like travelling the Gulf for a month with only UAE Dirham to pay for everything. It simply does not work!

It is exactly the same in terms of your job search; you must be prepared for what may lie ahead. Be prepared to reach out to people and network for jobs. Don’t under estimate your personal brand and what it says about you. Rather than relying on applying for jobs online, you have to be open to other ways as well.

We spoke with Headhunter and executive coach with us here at Career Intelligence, Isabelita about this very dilemma as she has first hand experience dealing with executives searching for new positions.

She mentioned that that the lack of an action plan or strategy is the ultimate downfall to many executives hunt for a job.

What most people don;t realise is that many Exec and GM positions aren’t even advertised on the job market, so already you are limiting yourself to only half of those positions that are actually available. The only way to truly achieve a successful job hunt is to plan how you are going to maximise uncovering these hidden jobs, which will ultimately mean approaching those who have these positions (i.e. headhunters) and prove yourself fit for the role.

Another problem many people struggle with is understanding what it really takes to land a job in the current market she said. Too often people who are without a job expect jobs to come to them. they spend maybe 2-3 hours a day thinking it is sufficient. But it is not. Looking for a job is a full time job itself, and if done properly will take up to eight hours a day, five days a week.

With such a competitive marketplace, those without a job are at a serious advantage to those who are in a job but oftentimes under-utilise this benefit.

Although online applications have been the most favoured, and rightly so, instead of applying for say a dozen jobs a month, you should be applying for jobs every day, and then looking to obtain details from job posters and getting in touch with them directly.

Ultimately it comes down to a mind-set she said.

The job market has shifted dramatically towards the digital age, and has become so reliant on technology to help filter out non-relevant applicants that even over qualified applicant aren’t receiving phone calls.

It is because there is more to a job hunt than what previously was. More people. More technology. More everything. So you need to do more yourself.

So what is the best way to do this? As Isabelita said, creating an action plan is the first step. From there, you need to then know how to carry it out.

That is where Isabelita comes in. A headhunter herself, she has inside knowledge of the current market and hidden vacancies not advertised online. She can show you the best way to approach people in the know and uncover vacancies you didn’t know were available.


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