The Most Effective Way To Approach Headhunters in the Middle East

The Most Effective Way To Approach Headhunters in the Middle East

ore often than not, executive who seek to move on from their current position go about it the wrong way. It is not as simple as perusing LinkedIn and hoping a headhunter finds you; it is essential to approach headhunters and recruiters in the proper fashion to maximise your job search’s effectiveness.

Usually they will seek the help from headhunters, which is a good move, but the role of a headhunter is often misunderstood. Understand headhunters further and learn to engage with them correctly by using this guide to begin the interaction and simplify the recruiting process today.

How To Approach Middle East Headhunters the Correct Way

Understand what a Headhunter is and how they operate

Headhunters are paid by the corporate client. These individuals are their primary concern, not the candidate. Don’t expect a headhunter to look for a job for you. When you interact with a headhunter, your objective should not be to convince them to find a position that fits your abilities and sensibilities. Rather, you should be attempting to demonstrate to the headhunter that you possess the skills and leadership to fill one of the positions they are already in the process of trying to fill.

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Understanding Headhunters and what they can do for you!

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Non-Executive Director: A New Perspective On Your Career

Executive headhunters also typically focus on a specific industry, region, or field. This enables them to achieve a level of expertise that makes them more effective and efficient. Therefore, start by identifying and contacting headhunters in your particular industry, region, and field. Introduce yourself without pitching yourself. Let them know that you’re in the market and briefly detail your area of expertise.

Perhaps offer to help with any information or insight that can help them fill their open positions. From this point, build a relationship based on valuable interaction regarding trends and issues regarding your expertise. Help the headhunter stay on top of what is happening in that industry and professional niche. This level of interaction helps you and the headhunter build knowledge and expertise, making the relationship valuable for you both.

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Be patient and proactive

Recruitment is not without its difficulties. Headhunters and recruiters are regularly short on time and receive countless resumes; many of these sit unread. In a positive scenario, a headhunter or recruiter will open a resume, but if it does not catch their attention, it might not even make it into the database. This should not scare you off from engaging in the process. But it is important to keep in mind that finding the right opportunity can take time.

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Do your research and be positive and patient with your executive job search.

Since it can be an elongated process, start reaching out to headhunters before you are in full search mode. Do not wait until you are out of a job or desperate for a new opportunity to begin building a relationship with potential recruiters. Be proactive and begin the process early! Bill Rowe, Vice Chairman of Pearson Partners International, Inc. confirms that:

“Finding the next best opportunity for your career takes time. Making the effort to develop several consistent recruiting relationships will reap rewards. Recruiters are a tremendous source of information on markets, companies and individuals. Ask them who they know at specific companies or leaders. During this exchange they will gain further insight on your business capabilities and learn more than simply your resume details.”

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Be prepared

Prepare to prove yourself before contacting headhunters and recruiters. Ensure that you are up-to-date on industry trends and insights so that you can demonstrate your knowledge and expertise if called upon. Further, be aware of particular job positions and the requirements looked for within those positions. If you reach out with a very specific interest in mind, recruiters are more likely to respond.

Send headhunters a specific job number and description that caught your eye. Don’t simply ask what kind of jobs do you have available. It can also be helpful if you’ve already applied directly to a few positions that match your interests. This helps headhunters understand what positions would be attractive to you.

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