Always Look At Job Descriptions, Even If You Have A Job

Always Look At Job Descriptions, Even If You Have A Job

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail” a quote that can hold true for someone looking for a job.

Oftentimes a jobseeker’s downfall is due to the lack of preparation whilst already in a job. Preparation must begin before you are unemployed and reading job descriptions is the best way to do this.

It can help you land a job quicker if you are made redundant and even increase the chances of being headhunted. Here’s why:

Executive job interview questionsHelps You Understand What Skills Are in Demand

On all job descriptions are a list of competencies that the ideal candidate should possess. Although there will be some core values respective of the company, there will always be ones that reoccur across many of the job descriptions for the same position.

This will represent the key skills required of someone in that role. It is imperative to take note of these, as they are fundamental duties you are expected to undertake. They constantly evolve over time so frequently checking on them will be important to see how the market/job position is changing and if there is anything new that has become expected of someone in your position. You may need to learn such developments if that is the case.

This is a common problem found in older employees who are struggling to find a job, simply because their experience and key skills (despite having 20+ years experience) are somewhat irrelevant in the current market. 

By looking at the job descriptions, not only can you put them on your CV, but start implementing them within your current job. 

What Programs Are In Demand

Particularly in today’s digital age, the evolving digital market means there are an increasingly large number of software’s available for companies to use. There will be however, among the larger companies around the world a standard that they use and will most likely be mentioned within the job specs.

For example, knowledge of Microsoft Office is expected around the world, with an industry such as accounting requiring advanced Excel knowledge. IT and HR professionals are expected to have a comprehensive knowledge of software such as Oracle and SAP.

If desiring jobs within large companies, familiarising yourself with such programs (if you are not already) will be important to give yourself the best possible chance when looking to secure a job quickly.

Give You The Best Chance to Land Your Dream Job

Everyone has a dream job in mind and often times when you are unemployed and looking for a job, the chances of your dream job being available at the same time are slim.

This is why it is always useful to search for your dream job regularly to give you the best possible chance of finding it whenever it becomes available. 

It is also useful to use as a cross-check to ensure you have the relevant skills required of that position, just like we mentioned earlier.

Executive job interviewing

Update Your CV and Profiles

One of our professional CV developer’s Jenny MacKay advises to always update your CV every six months, regardless how much you enjoy your role. Updating it every six months will help you remain relevant by matching information provided on job descriptions on your CV. You can also update your achievements you have attained during the past six months. It is a lot easier to remember when its fresh in your mind than at the end of a long tenure at a company.

Updating your LinkedIn profile with these current buzzwords can also increase the chances of being headhunted, as it is these words that headhunter’s will be typing in on their keyword searches.

If approached, it may not be the right position, or the right time to move, regardless, it’s nice to know there are people looking and seeing you a relevant fit for various positions. 

The Job Market is Unpredictable

At the end of the day, the number 1 reason to continually look for jobs is the market is unpredictable. With the economic downturn seeing large-scale redundancies and the digital revolution cutting jobs (whilst also creating new ones) the job market has become more saturated than ever. 

According to the MENA employee retention report by Bayt, employee turnover was deemed very high by 44.7% of respondents; a number reflective of the chaotic turn employment has taken.

Due to its unpredictability, it always pays to look at job vacancies elsewhere to know what jobs are in demand; if found redundant, you will be a step ahead of your competition.

If you need help securing a job, why not upload your CV to our database and receive a free CV appraisal to see how your CV stands up in today’s saturated market.

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