Agony Aunt – How Will Relocating Affect My Quality of Life?

Agony Aunt 17 Dec 2012
Agony Aunt – How Will Relocating Affect My Quality of Life?

How Will Relocating Affect My Quality of Life?

I have worked in the Middle East for the last 6 wonderful years, however I have now decided that my career would benefit from a move further East. I would want to relocate my family with me but am worried their quality of life will be affected. What can my family expect on a day to day basis if we were to move to Singapore or Hong Kong? This is a question that I get from our clients a lot. It can be worrying when relocating the whole family but the draws of the financial strength of Hong Kong and Singapore can be very strong. Singapore is a great location situated in the heart of East Asia and with free trading laws is flourishing. Hong Kong is the financial Capital of Asia and arguably just behind London and New York on the world stage, but in both these places it is important to get the balance right. The best advice here is always to ask a friend or an aquaitance that has done the move already but I hope the information below will also be able to give you a bit of an insight. (Why now download the Career Intelligence ‘Essential Relocation Information’ guide for free?) Singapore Singapore is a great place to live with a young family, it is clean and although not bursting with Culture there is lots to do to keep you occupied. There is a good variety of public and international schools offering a high standard of education to expatriate children. The health service is very good with modern, well equipped hospitals and highly trained doctors. The food and water is safe to drink although the quality of the air has recently gone down due to farmers in Indonesia burning plantations however this has not dampened the vibrance of the city. Living accommodation is generally spacious but Singapore has been ranked 6th most expensive city in the world according to Mercer Cost of Living survey. The price of a 1lt of Milk is about $2.24 (£1.40) but at least you get the chance to swim in the world’s highest swimming pool. Hong Kong Hong Kong is a breathtaking city of the world both in terms of its location, set amongst 200 outlying islands and with views across the harbor but also in terms of coast. Hong Kong also ranks as one of the worlds most expensive cities with the average cost of a luxury two bed costing $9,000 (£5,601.17) per month. Hong Kong is very popular with expatriates and is a beautiful place to live with 70% of it made up of protected parks – lots of mountain trails, waterfalls and beaches to keep the family happy. Hong Kong has good medical services and transport links but is let down by the air pollution and squalid conditions of some locals living conditions. There is lots of choice for top class education with international and English schools although they are highly competitive and can be very expensive. For this reason and the opportunity to become bi or tri-lingual many expatriates are putting their children through the local system. The cost of 1 lt of Milk will be about $2.73 (£1.70) but you get the opportunity to escape to mountains and ride the longest escalator in the world. Emma Foster, Senior Client

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