Agony Aunt – Why Am I Not Reaching Interview Stage?

Agony Aunt 22 Nov 2020
Agony Aunt – Why Am I Not Reaching Interview Stage?

The interview stage is the most crucial stage of your job hunt as it gives you the chance to not only find out first hand what the company (and its employees) might be like to work with, but you can also demonstrate to the recruiter or employer why you really would be the best person for the job.

However, many of my clients regularly ask me “why am I not reaching interview stage?” and there’s a couple of answers to that question.

Why Am I Not Reaching Interview Stage?

When asked this question I always tell my clients this is is for one of three reasons.

1. Your CV is Ineffective

The chances are that your CV is not making an impact and is not an accurate reflection of who you are and what your personal contribution has been to previous employers. Also, it likely doesn’t demonstrate where you are going to add value to the potential role (and company).

Your CV is the foundation of your job hunt. Headhunters and recruiters will take a maximum of 10 – 15 seconds to view your CV so it must make an instant impact if you wish to make it any further in the process and make it to the interview stage.

2. You are not approaching the market in the right way

Making hundreds of online applications is not the way to go. The chances are that if you do this, or even if you have been doing this so far, you will not receive many (if any) responses. You must create a job hunt and application strategy.

The key is to approach people directly. You need to know the top headhunters and recruiters and know how to approach them. By building a relationship with these key influencers you will develop a rapport with them too, which in turn will always put you forward for the best opportunities.

3. Online Presence

Potentially your CV might be good, and your networking skills and efforts are being utilised, but you’re still not reaching the interview stage. Why is this? Well the chances are that your online visibility is very poor. In today’s job market it is essential that you utilise the online realm within your job hunt and improve your visibility. If you are not effectively marketing yourself online and engaging with your industry you are not going to be an obvious candidate – this is especially important within the international job market. Showing you are on top of the latest communications trends is essential as is the research that goes into it. If you are going to publish anything online you need to make sure it is well researched, informative, interesting and is going to make you stand out for the right reasons! It also needs to be consistent in order to make any impact you need to post regularly.

It is important that you are engaging with your industry and industry professionals, show that you are current (and up-to-date on the ‘goings on’) whilst promoting yourself online. Headhunters and recruiters will only put forward the strongest candidates for a position, and by following these rules you could make a huge difference to your chances. Our Social Media Management and Total Career Management services assist you with these exact issues and help to put you on the job boards’ map!

How Can You Improve Your Chances Today?
By working on and improving the above areas you will see a change for the better in not only your job hunt but also in your professional presentation of yourself. Traditional methods of job hunting, peer to peer communications, marketing and the way we do business in international markets is changing and having a clear strategy to navigate your way through these shifting sands is essential.

At Career Intelligence we have a range of services that will facilitate you in your job hunt and help you to get to the interview stage. We have a great team of Executive Coaches, CV Writers, Researchers, Social Media Experts all of whom can work tirelessly in

the background of your job hunt in order for you to make the transition from job search, securing that job to being a thought leader in your industry.

To find out more about the services that we have on offer and how we can help you in your job hunt and career move, contact us today!

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