Agony Aunt – How Do I Get Honest and Critical Interview Feedback?

Agony Aunt 06 Aug 2013
Agony Aunt – How Do I Get Honest and Critical Interview Feedback?

Today’s Agony Aunt question is ‘how do I get honest and critical interview feedback’ from an interview, and it comes from one of our clients (who stays anonymous, of course). This is a very interesting question and one that we get asked quite a lot, as not every interview is successful and it’s very useful to know why you didn’t get to the next interview stage – or even land the job.

How Do I Get Honest and Critical Interview Feedback?

Sometimes our clients inform us that they ask the interviewer for feedback at the end of the interview, however this is not advisable, as sometimes interviewers do not like to be asked for such frank feedback face-to-face. The best plan of action is to email the interviewer afterwards, allowing them to be honest and to-the-point with their feedback without any unnecessary pressure. You must also be aware that you may be faced with negative feedback, but worry not, all of this feedback can be used to move you forward and make you better your next interview. Also remember that not every company has the same mission or desired employee qualities, so one example of negative feedback might, in fact, be positive for another company. In your email (or letter) to the interviewer asking for feedback, be sure to ask specific questions, such as how you could have done better and what key qualities you were lacking in order to have got further in the application process. This should help you to recognise which positions you

are not so suited to and how to tailor your interview (and pitch) in order to land a job. It will also help you in regards to any training and qualifications gaps you may have; not having the right training or qualifications can be a major reason for not getting a desired position. As mentioned above, the key is how you deal with the

feedback that you get. Sometimes it takes another professional to break down this feedback and understand what, if anything, went wrong and how you can go about changing this outcome for the next interview. That is where our senior executive coaches come into play. With their years of experience in the recruitment and job hunting market, they are able to pin point your key achievements, highlight

your best assets and help you to develop a pitch that will help you to win your next interview and progress to the next stage – or even get the job! If you would like to find out more about our career coaches and sessions then be sure to click this link and get in touch with us today.

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