Increase Headhunters Viewing Your Profile By Achieving The Highest Rank On Linkedin

Increase Headhunters Viewing Your Profile By Achieving The Highest Rank On Linkedin

If you didn’t already know, Linkedin attempts to measure the strength of your profile. However, what it doesn’t do is tell you how to climb the rankings! If you’re wondering where you can see this indication, simply follow these instructions: Once you are logged in, click onto the profile tab (at the top of the screen) and you will be able to see the profile strength indicator located on the right, in between your profile and the scroll bar.

There are four levels to achieve:


I will be taking through the fundamental steps to not only achieve the ‘All Star’ rank but to assure you’re seen as a professional to a highly reputable extent. The ranking system is Linkedin’s way of measuring the completeness of your profile – so if you’re not at ‘All-Star’ yet, chances are you’re missing some vital information.

Your Checklist

  1. A Professional Profile Photo
  2. Your Industry & Location
  3. A Minimum of 500 Contacts
  4. A Minimum of 3 Positions Listed (2 past positions and 1 current)
  5. At Least 5 Listed Skills & Endorsements over 50+
  6. Complete Education History + Qualifications
  7. A Minimum of 5 Recommendations
  8. Being a Member of 5+ Groups
  9. Languages Listed to the Suitable Proficiency
  10. Listing Your Interests and Influencers
  • A Professional Profile Photo

The key here is to be as professional as possible, avoiding images which would be better listed on dating sites or those of a low resolution. This is a professional networking website, so lets keep the image professional, ideally in business attire.

  • Your Industry & Location

Just make sure this information is up to date and correct, this will inevitably affect the position you appear in the search results.

  • Gain 500+ Connections

Having 500+ contacts on your profile is a must. It makes it appear that you are well connected (which you will be) and generally projects positive connotations. Raising the question ‘Why is this person so well known?’ may prompt the average user to seek more information. You never know who could put you in touch with the right person, so the more connections you have the better. Plus, the easier it will be to obtain Endorsements and Recommendations at a later stage. Get connecting!

  • A Minimum of 3 Positions Listed

The best way to approach this is to state your most recent roles. Most of us will have at least 5 positions to state, but lets keep it relevant to the past decade only. If you have been working for one place in the last 10 years then I would suggest to list two previous roles. Otherwise keep the amount of roles minimal, but spare no detail in each description.

  • At Least 5 Skills & Endorsements Over 50+

The key is to be endorsed as many times as possible to validate your claims of having a particular skillset. To help you obtain more endorsements, simply endorse other people and chances are people would return the gesture. It is important to have your main skills endorsed at least 50 times to highlight that at least a fraction of your connections are able to validate your competencies.

  • Complete Education History + Qualifications

Although it may not seem relevant as to where you were educated 20 years ago, it is something recruiters often want to see. Generally if you’re an expat it would be interesting to see where you had grown up and what type of school, college or university you had attended. Include dates to be as clear as possible. Although certifications are added in a separate section to education, many people have multiple qualifications and this is particularly important to ensure dates and institutions are stated to give the viewer a more in depth insight.

  • A Minimum of 5 Recommendations

Very much like endorsements, recommendations are a way of validating your character in greater detail. I would suggest a minimum of 5 spread across the previous positions stated. If you already have 5 recommendations and they’re outdated (more than a year old) – seek new ones, maybe for a more recent position to keep up a level of consistency.

  • Being a Member of 5 or more Groups.

Linkedin groups are a great place to network. It allows you to communicate to like-minded professionals and have access to thousands of new people by dramatically expanding your network. Even if you do not engage with every group you are a part of, as the ones you have joined can appear on your profile, you want to be sure to join the right communities. Joining Groups can also help you network with people that you may not have been previously connected to. You would be surprised how many opportunities can arise simply by connecting with the right people

  • Languages Listed to the Suitable Proficiency

If you can speak more than one Language it is important to state it on your profile. If you know basic French for example and you are a native speaker of Arabic or English, you can select French as an Elementary proficiency and English/Arabic as Native or Bilingual. If you happen to only know speak Language, not to worry – don’t hesitate to put it in, even if it is evident from your profile.

  • …. Finally. Listing your interests and influencers

Now the biggest question I always seem to get from my clients is Why? Especially when I suggest to include their influencers and interests. Well, here’s the reason behind this one: People are able to build up an idea about who you are from the interests you project. This is the reason why Market Researchers are willing to BUY information from platforms such as Facebook, as with this information they are able to effectively build up an idea of what the person is like and then target the individual based on this information. So, by stating your interests and by Following ‘Influencers’ on Linkedin people can get a better insight into what gets you ticking, this could be a great icebreaker or for a headhunter/recruiter to feel they have something in common with you.

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