Accomplish Your Career Goals – Networking In Ramadan

Accomplish Your Career Goals – Networking In Ramadan

You’ve done your research and thoughtful consideration of what you want to accomplish with your networking endeavours. Now it is time to put your ideas into action. Consider how to personalise these general practices to leave a lasting impression, and fulfil your networking goals.

In the fourth part of our Ramadan series of articles we look at some ways in which you can network your way to a new career.

How to reach out to prospective contacts

If you are hoping to make a preliminary engagement with a new contact, this may not be the best time to do so. It is less likely that there will be a business conference or industry event in which such interaction will appear more natural. Similarly, the other person may be more wary of a “fly-by introduction,” especially if they are with their family or engaged in a more social circumstance.

It is more advantageous, however, to use Ramadan as an opening to interact in person with someone who you have had discussions with leading up to then. Perhaps it is a LinkedIn connection that you have communicated with via online, but you have yet to meet in-person. This is a perfect time to message them via the social network and suggest an in-person engagement.

If you are aiming to maintain an already existing relationship, it is appropriate to reach out via an e-mail or telephone call.

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