6 Ways Social Media is Affecting Your Executive Job Hunt

6 Ways Social Media is Affecting Your Executive Job Hunt

Social media has reshaped society. It has revolutionised how we connect with others. It has also transformed how important business decisions are made. Knowing how social media affects your next executive job hunt is vital to a successful hunt. Keep these six factors in mind to refine your social media etiquette, and craft a more impressive social media image to aid your executive job hunt.

Your Executive Job Hunt Is Being Affected By Social Media In These 6 Ways!

Develop a fuller applicant portrayal

Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn enable employers to get a better perception of who you are outside the confines of a résumé, cover letter, or interview. In these three traditional sources, it is far simpler to quickly alter your image and present a less genuine representation of your background and capabilities. A social media search, however, would present a better look into your everyday behavior and preferences.

Social Media

CareerBuilder.com conducted a survey that asked 2,303 hiring managers and human resource professionals if, how, and why they use social media in their hiring process. Two in five companies claimed that they browse your social media profiles to evaluate your character and personality.

Source of job opportunities

As an executive candidate, social media provides great resources. One of these great tools is the ability to find out about job openings anywhere in the world. There are also positions listed on social media that are not listed on other websites and media. Networks such as LinkedIn even let members apply directly to job openings by clicking the “Apply Now” button. Job searchers are able to add a cover letter and resume to their profile, making it simple and convenient to search its database.

Social Media Job Opportunities


In the marketing and public relations spheres, as well as other industries, employers are starting to consider Klout scores as criteria measurements. Klout measures an individual’s impact throughout his or her social network. By scouring content from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, foursquare, Wikipedia and hundreds of signals, Klout will assign you a score between 1 and 100; persons with higher scores indicate more real influence, or “Klout.” What this means for business professionals is that you are expected to be an engaged online presence who fosters connections with individuals across a diverse network. You also generate content that people engage with and influence the behavior and opinions of others.

Develop contacts

Social media provides a platform to create and nurture a network of like-minded professionals. The most efficient way to accomplish this is by joining the various professional groups found on these networks. Once you have joined some groups, you can interact with its members and participate in the group’s discussions. Ask questions to the other group members or even enquire about job opportunities in their regions. The objective is to add valuable connections that can assist you in uncovering job openings and gain competitive advantages over other candidates.

Develop contacts online via social media

When looking for a job your CV is the most important document to reflect your expertise towards the type of role that you’re looking for.

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Public image

Executives are more that the head administrators; they are the faces of their organizations. They will be required to maintain a reputation that meets the aspired aims and ambitions of the organization they lead. This typically means a composed, social, well-spoken demeanor. How an individual acts on social media can give clues to their suitability to this task, and what their public-oriented strengths and weaknesses will be in the position.

Gauge a candidate’s discretion

As a business executive, you will hold the “keys to the castle;” you will be privy to many of the organization’s secrets and business strategies. This is information that many competitors will do anything to undercover. How a candidate portrays themselves on social media can provide an indicator on how they will perform with such vital information. If one is too candid, or too gossipy, a candidate may devalue their worth to obtain executive positions. A certain level of discretion is desired. By hiring boards.


Social media has revolutionized our world. It has impacted every facet of our lives, including how we engage in job searches. Understand how it has affected this key function and you can maximize your ability to capitalize on it, by acquiring the executive position you desire.

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