5 Timesaving Social Media Tools For A Busy Executive

5 Timesaving Social Media Tools For A Busy Executive

As an executive, finding the time to remain active on your online profiles can be difficult. It takes time, and time is exactly one thing executives don’t have a lot of. Luckily, there are some great tools that can minimise the time an executive spends online, whilst creating a robust and active profile attractive to headhunters and recruiters. Here is my list of the 5 most effective and efficient social media tools you can use to increase your online image:


Klout is a great tool to start with as it sets benchmark of your current influence. Klout creates what is called a Klout score, a score between 1-100 that represents your influence online. Klout Anything below 50 is poor and above 80 is exceptional. Use this as a gauge of where you currently stand and visit it regularly to see how your actions are manipulating your score. Klout also offers a centralised dashboard that allows you to follow likeminded professionals on twitter as well as post to Facebook and Twitter. It also provides suggestions for content to share on a range of different topics. It is not the best tool for this, but it is useful nonetheless. It gives you great targets to achieve each day to help you keep on top of things; so if you are the type of person that always needs a reminder of what to do then Klout could be a great tool for you. Check out Klout here by clicking http://klout.com


Zapier Connects the

web apps you use and then moves the information into an action you tell it to do, such as export all of the information to an excel spreadsheet to save you a lot of time and hassle. However, despite its broad range of capabilities, it has a particularly good use for Twitter. A great automation tool to help you thank followers and people who favourite your tweets, Zapier helps you engage with your audience without actually being online. Interaction is the key to a successful social media presence and a simply courteous ‘thank you’ goes a long way to initiate this interaction process. Under the user agreement in Twitter, automating messages is technically illegal, but many people do it. The key is to not spam your followers and make it “look” automated. Thus changing your message frequently or setting various recipes for a different amount of followers is a good idea. This is by far the best automation tool out there, and once you get to grips with how to set up a successful recipe with the appropriate triggers and actions then you will unleash an automation phase that can kick start and drive your followers up on Twitter. Check out Zapier and make your first “zap” by going here: http://zapier.com


FollowerFrenzy is the perfect solution for an executive to gain followers in their respective industry. The problem with other follower acquiring applications is many of them create fake

accounts that follow you. This doesn’t look very good on your profile. FollowerFrenzy guarantees followers that are real people and within a specified industry. They do this by creating impressions from your account on words that you choose such as “business” “FMCG” “Leadership” as shown in this example. FollowerFrenzy This app works best once your profile is already established, so I would suggest using this once you have grown your following to a minimum of 150 people organically. Try out their 6-day free trial before purchasing one of their inexpensive options at followerfrenzy.com.

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WordPress Despite this not being a ‘tool,’ WordPress saves you time as it is constantly works for you within Google. Creating a blog on a WordPress site (by far the most popular and user friendly blog site for a user with a basic knowledge of website design) helps index within the worlds biggest search engine. The time invested in writing a blog is the best tie you can invest as your thoughts and opinion remain on the internet forever, meaning your reputation as a knowledgeable professional within your industry increases ever day. Provided people are still talking about the issues you wrote and using Google to find the answers, your name and blog site will continue to work for you even after you have written the articles.

Setting up a blog does require a little bit of knowledge, but can be quick and hassle free. We can help with our blog development package. Get in touch today to discuss what we can do for you.

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Buffer Buffer enables you to schedule posts across the four most powerful personal branding platforms; Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. Its layout is easy to use and understood by even the most ungifted computer using executive. Log into bufferapp in the morning, browse through the great content they suggest according to the keywords you have chosen and schedule your entire days posts to be shared across the desired social media networks all in under 15 minutes! Install the bufferapp’s chrome extension to share the current page you are on, which gets rid of the tedious task of copy and pasting URLs of other pages into each of your profiles. A perfect solution for sharing those great articles you find throughout your workday to your followers. However, one of the most exciting features recently released by buffer is “Pablo” their own image-creating tool that allows you to create engaging, original and visually appealing content – in less than 30 seconds. Pablo Buffer’s free service provides more than enough for your own personal use and if you find you need to connect more accounts or room to schedule tweets, then the $100 per year price it costs to do so is more than reasonable. It is your all-in-one app that is arguably the best time saving tool you will need to use on a daily basis. Investing some time in the mentioned tools above could cause a dramatic shift in your social media strategy. Optimise your time wisely and build a presence that can help you be found easily to project yourself as a genuine thought leader among your industry.


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