5 Reasons Why Blogging Will Impress Recruiters

5 Reasons Why Blogging Will Impress Recruiters

During the job hunting process your aim is connect with as many headhunters, recruiters and employers as possible, but you also want to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate yourself as an experienced senior professional.

In today’s digital world, savvy job seekers are finding new and innovative ways of doing this, and blogging is one way they can create new job opportunities for themselves.

1. A blog is like an advanced resume / CV

A blog is a great way of backing up your CV and demonstrating your ability to follow through with your key skills and areas of expertise listed in your CV. Think of your blog as platform from which to highlight your skills and dive deeper into topics and areas of discussion.

By providing thought-provoking articles you will be demonstrating to your potential future employer that you not only have these skills but that you’re motivated enough and forward thinking enough to demonstrate it

2. Creating a positive online profile for yourself

Blogging is a great way of highlighting the good points about yourself. It can help you to boost your online visibility and build a great footprint. Regardless of what content already exists about you online, you can draw attention away from anything outdated or negative and focus on the good stuff!

You have full control over the content that goes onto your blog, so this gives you a platform from which to voice the opinions that you want to be heard, share the thoughts that will highlight you to potential employers and put yourself in the best light possible.

3. Building up your network

It’s not just about how able you are to fill a role within a company, your ability to network is important too. Many employers are looking for well connected employees as this can demonstrate their ability to create and keep connections within the digital world too. Blogging can help you to achieve a larger and more connected network. So, if you’re sharing thought-provoking information and insights into your industry then you’ll likely attract other industry professionals to follow and engage with you.

Another advantage of building up your network is that it becomes much easier to be found by recruiters and headhunters. Whilst you might not make many direct connections with these people to begin with, you might gain a recommendation from a mutual friend.

4. Keeping up-to-date within your industry

Keeping up-to-date with industry news, updates and topics is essential, especially when you don’t currently hold a position within a company. You must be able to demonstrate to a potential employer that you do know what is going on within your industry and that they aren’t speaking to an individual who is so far ‘out of the loop’ that they would be taking a step back by hiring you.

You must demonstrate that you really are an industry leader!

5. Standout from the crowd to employers

With so many people applying for so few jobs it is essential that you stand out from the crowd. You must avoid being seen as an average or even boring applicant in any way you can. By showing some personality in your application (or the process of connecting and engaging with decision makers) you allow the employer to see who they might be hiring, rather than just an idea of what they might be hiring.

By standing out from the crowd to employers you will be setting yourself apart from other candidates and putting yourself in a much stronger position.

Start thinking of some initial industry topics to write about and get yourself up and blogging soon!

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