5 Reasons Why Twitter is a Better Branding Platform Than Facebook

5 Reasons Why Twitter is a Better Branding Platform Than Facebook

Introducing Twitter, with 150 Million active users strong and the number of people joining daily on the rapid incline projects a heavy contrast to Facebook – which has recently been significantly less utilised by the average user. Well, what makes Twitter so special? Here’s 5 reasons why. 1. Twitter provides real time news Not everybody is a news reporter in the real world, but on Twitter, they pretty much are. Before your local news site is able to publish an article about an event or occurrence you better believe somebody has already posted about it on Twitter. For example, there was an incident that had occurred on London’s Fleet Street a few months ago, wondering what the congested traffic was about, I firstly searched on Google for an answer. Maybe it was a protest or Taxi strike like we saw back in June. But I couldn’t find any information so I reverted to Twitter. By using the hashtag #FleetStreet I came up with multiple Tweets from eye witnesses and people passing by, outlining there had been an incident where a cyclist unfortunately lost his life. Although the incident had occurred around 9am, this information was not available on ANY news site until about 4pm later that day. From there forwards and still to this day, Twitter is my primary source for News, supported by following all the UK and Global news channels. 2. Companies are humanised I myself love Tweeting companies. Whether it is to give credit where due, or to (rarely) make a complaint, we are able to simply Tweet a company (whom nowadays are likely to have their very own Social Media team) and get a reply. – Personification intended. This breaks down the barriers of corporate a personal interaction, people feel somewhat less intimidated, especially using a platform as casual as Twitter. On the flipside companies also benefit from getting direct qualitative feedback from consumers and the general public. 3. Micro-blogging helps you communicate more efficiently Complimenting point number 1. Twitters notorious 140 character limit allows the exchange of information to be speedy – as content is often short and straight to the point. It also increases your presence online as you would have to Tweet more often if you have a lot to say. Some people view this as a bad thing, but aren’t you simply sick and tired of seeing people writing essays on Facebook? 4. Twitter allows you to become influencer Building up a follower-base can be quite simple if you’re using the relevant hashtags and Tweeting about contemporary / industry relevant news. People (such as myself) who use Twitter as a primary hub for information will often perform searches and use hashtags based on Geographical locations, trending topics or areas of interest to find out more. Anytime I see somebody Tweeting about the things

which I find interesting, they’ll be sure to get a follow – Once i’m following them, whatever they Tweet comes up on my ‘news feed’, allowing the user to essentially broadcast whatever they like. 5. No limit to your outreach The plot thickens. You don’t need to be following somebody to see their Tweets (unless their profile is set to private) – which essentially allows limitless outreach. Using the search tool, you could simply enter in keywords or hashtags and be able to see Tweets emerging from all corners of the globe. A great way to target an international audience is to use a corresponding geographical hashtag IE. #China or #HongKong. And that’s Twitter summarised with 5 plus points – if you’re not already involved, why not give it a go today? Hopefully I’ll see you there. Twitter Username: @Hiten_Ci

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