5 Keys To Approaching Headhunters In The Middle East

5 Keys To Approaching Headhunters In The Middle East

Many executives find themselves overwhelmed with the prospect of successfully seeking a new position of employment, especially one overseas. As a result, many of these individuals diligently seek the assistance of headhunters to assist them in their ongoing job search.
When it comes to successfully obtaining the services of an executive headhunter in the Middle East, it is essential to approach them in the proper fashion to maximize your executive job search effectiveness. Here are five tips that a savvy business executive should take into consideration to land the headhunter that will help them succeed in the Middle East.

Do Your Homework

A business executive seeking new opportunities overseas needs to be armed with information to catch the attention of a headhunter. For example, it is essential to understand what a headhunter is and how they operate.

Headhunters are paid by their corporate client. The corporate client’s objectives are their primary concern, not the candidate. With this in mind, don’t expect a headhunter to diligently investigate opportunities for a job for you. When you interact with a headhunter, your objective should not be to convince them to find a position that suits your abilities and experience. Rather, you should be using all of your effort to demonstrate to the headhunter that you possess the skills and leadership qualities to fill one of the positions they are already in the process of trying to fill for their corporate clients.

Before you even consider making contact with a headhunter, you need to take the time to thoroughly educate yourself on the types of positions and industries that you seek. You also need to educate yourself on the job market in your target destinations. The job market in Kuwait can be drastically different than that in Bahrain, even though these two nations are in such close proximity.

Identify Reputable Executive Headhunters

Unfortunately, there are a growing number of conmen and scam artists who have inserted themselves into the business of executive headhunting. As you begin your search for a reputable headhunter, find out all that you can about these individuals. This includes researching their operations, history and experience from as many independent resources that you can acquire. As part of this due diligence, make it a point to find other men or women who have used the services of these executive headhunters and survey their experiences.

Prepare your executive CV

Without a doubt, it is essential for you to have prepared a brilliant CV before you make contact with any executive recruiter. Your well prepared CV acts as your calling card in your search for new opportunities in the Middle East. Indeed, your first and most lasting impression will be made via your CV.

Establish your references

Before approaching executive headhunters, make certain that you have developed a list of high quality professional references. Quite like you will want to know the details of the experiences of executive headhunters or executive recruiters you are considering connecting with, these recruiters will want to know a good deal about you as well. They will want to be able to contact your references, the individuals who can vouch for your professional aspirations with information and materials about your previous professional accomplishments.

professional references

Be patient and have a positive outlook

Executive recruitment is not without its trials and tribulations. One such issue can come purely due to your present location and time zone differences. If you are Chief Technology Officer-based on the East Coast of the United States-who is aspiring to find a similar role for a firm in Dubai, your Dubai-based headhunter is working on a clock that is eight hours ahead of your own. This difference can result in delayed email communications and difficulty in scheduling video calls.

Headhunters are also regularly short on time and receive countless CVs; many of these CVs sit unread. This should not scare you off from engaging in the process. But it is important to keep in mind that finding the right executive opening can take time. The key to making the most out of this process is to stay positive and upbeat in your interactions. If you are positive in your outlook, you will surely establish a stronger relationship with your recruiter. This may compel them to increase their efforts to assist you, such as providing more in-depth counseling and other tools take can be instrumental in landing a position in the Middle East.

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