5 Job Search Mistakes You Might Be Making

5 Job Search Mistakes You Might Be Making

Speak with any fellow job-seeker, and you’ll be sure to hear a few fables about how to find an executive position. These inaccuracies can make the job search process more difficult than it needs to be. Learn the truths behind the common myths and you’ll enjoy a more efficient and effective job search. Below are ‘5 Common Executive Job Search Myths’ .

5 Job Search Mistakes You Might Be Making & What You Should Actually do!

1. You need more schooling or certifications to acquire an executive job You don’t have to have an MBA or all of the certifications in order to find a role that is right for you. What is important is having the capability to utilize your intelligence and to demonstrate your expertise and experience. Some organizations may be more fickle, but these may also not be the right place for you to begin with.


2). You have to match your CV to the posted position’s keywords Hiring personnel have to evaluate hundreds, if not thousands, of CVs. If all of these are full of keywords from their posted job description, they will naturally have a difficult time finding a candidate that stands apart. Rather than stuffing your CV with keywords, fill it with words that describe you and your unique expertise; this is more to your advantage.

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3. Your CV should give all of the details about all your past work experience It is important to remember the true purpose of a CV. The CV is simply a tool that is supposed to aid you in getting an interview; a CV cannot, and should not aim to provide all the information you think is needed to get you the job. A CV should give pertinent information to show the benefit you have brought to other companies and what you can potentially bring to another. The job of the CV is to intrigue and persuade the reader that you are worth taking the time to interview. Treat the CV accordingly.


4. You have to go through Human Resources Human Resources  is not the only way to connect to a company and influential board members. Networking can be equally as effective. Connecting with a person who may be your future boss may even culminate in a better response. Take the time to find and connect with these individuals in a more personal setting; these can include networking events or through social media like LinkedIn.


5. Networking is all about obtaining help from others Networking is not a one-way street. It is about building relationships, not viewing people only for the help they might afford to you. Putting out the message, “Can you help me to….” isn’t going to cut it when networking. Like any good relationship, network building takes time. It regularly involves getting to know other people and forging human connections; it may also require that you consider how you can help others as well as what they might be able to do for you. Be prepared to put in the effort when networking; as a bonus, it can even lead to lasting friendships.

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