4 Tips to Help Secure a Job With a Multinational in the Middle East

CV, Recruitment 25 Jan 2020
4 Tips to Help Secure a Job With a Multinational in the Middle East

As the world has become more globalized, more opportunities abound in multinational organizations. Working for a global company provides some fantastic advantages that can ease the process for the aspiring expatriate. If you’ve made the decision to apply for an executive role with a multinational company based in the Middle East, here are some thoughts to keep in mind: [Tweet “Land a Job with a multinational in the Middle East via @careerintel”] Fine-tune your CV To acquire an executive position within a multinational, you need a CV that stands out above the rest. Create unique resumes based on the particular position, as a generalized CV will not cut it in a very competitive job search market. Match your skill sets and summaries to the job descriptions found on corporate announcements and websites. Another key to a well-crafted CV is to test its “at a glance” effectiveness. Does your CV pass the ten second glance test? It is now common knowledge that no matter what level you are at in business, hiring managers and recruiters give a CV a ten second glance. If you are unable to showcase your talent and accomplishments in such a way that they jump off the page right away, you may not get a second, more in-depth review.

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Networking Multinationals have a tradition of hiring, at minimum interviewing, based on references. Existing employees bring in new professionals, which allow the firm to establish an early trust with the individual. Referral programs are usually backed up with some award or added benefit. For example, a person who refers a candidate who is selected, the person referring him or her will be given a bonus or some incentive-based award. This encourages employees to look out for potential candidates when a vacancy is available. Similarly, candidates looking for a position can contact an acquaintance/former colleague in a multinational organization, giving him a chance to introduce himself to the company through that acquaintance. Resources such as LinkedIn provide a great outlet to engage this networking process. For serious networkers, there are several networking events that deserve particular attention within the region. Depending on your industry, these are a few of the Middle East’s must-attend networking events for the rest of the year. For instance, executives with a specialization in the energy sector, should consider an event such as the Middle East Smart Lighting & Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi. The Smart Data Summit is an alternative for those with a focus in the Information Technology sector. These events regularly have representatives from the region’s multinational groups, making it a fantastic opportunity to make new contacts and get on the radar of their recruiters and other corporate leaders. Recently, the top 15 companies to work for in the UAE have been announced, with 3 of the top 5 and 8 of the top 15 being multinational companies (for the full list, click here). The benefits working for such large companies are plenty and going to the events at which these awards are announced are a great way to get a foot in the door. Keep an eye out on the Great Places to Work website for the event to be held in June. professional-networking Language skills Multinationals are typically interested in your language skills. This can mean either languages you already speak or your willingness and ability to learn quickly. The reason this is the case is that executives will often have to work on

projects with local employees, or local businesses, who do not necessarily speak fluent English. While translators are often times available, it is always advantageous to have an executive who can better relate to and interact with the native workforce and businesses. Personal attributes All multinational organizations want adaptable staff who are a good fit for their company culture. The opportunity to meet numerous people from within the company will make it easier to establish if you make a good cultural fit. Remember to also be positive, energetic and enthusiastic. Companies hire executives who have the skills to do the role; but if you don’t come across as interested and motivated, you are not likely to get

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