Too Busy for Social Media? 30 Minutes a Day is All You Need

Too Busy for Social Media? 30 Minutes a Day is All You Need

We all know social media has become an important asset for senior executives ongoing career management and job hunt. However the only downside is it is time consuming.

Here is a 30-minute-a-day plan to maximise your outreach whilst minimising the time spent as an executive; and due to the fact we only have 30 minutes, we will be concentrating our efforts on two platforms, LinkedIn and Twitter.

NB: This plan is assuming all you profiles have been set up and optimised fully. If you need help optimising your accounts, click here.

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LinkedIn is undoubtedly the most useful platform for the executive to network and we are going to dedicate 20 minutes per day to this social media.

We are going to mix up our activity on a range of different tasks and below is a brief explanation on what those are and why we should do them.

Share An Update

Sharing updates is a great way to present yourself as a knowledgeable spokesperson within your desired market.  If we can post once every two days, this can help reach up to 60% of your unique audience, whilst also giving your profile visibility to 2nd and 3rd connections.

TIP: Try to mix what you are sharing. Share a variety of articles, pictures, infographics, videos etc.

LinkedIn AppEndorse People

Endorsing someone is a good way to spend your time for a couple of reasons.

  1. It can help encourage people to endorse you back, strengthening your profile
  2. It can act as a catalyst to promote interest to view your profile and achievements. A potentially lasting impact if it is a headhunter or recruiter.

TIP: Endorsing people can be easily achieved through the LinkedIn app for mobiles and tablets. Try endorsing people this way as well as on a computer by visiting peoples pages.

Browse, Comment, Like and Share on your Home Page.

It’s a great way to expand your presence beyond your current network of 1st connections. Every time you share/comment/like something that someone else likes. Your name and potentially profile becomes easily accessible to all of their connections and with 6 out of every 10 LinkedIn users are interested in industry insights (Which is why we want to share updates) this is the reason why if you are actively engaging with your industry’s best content, you’re bound to become noticed as an expert within your field.

TIP: Commenting is the best and most memorable form of engagement on peoples posts in which you don’t know.

Group Discussions

Participating in group discussions is a great way to network and provide your own unique insight into issues and problems people ask about. Many headhunters and recruiters are members of such groups also. Naturally this increases the likelihood of you being found organically through the keyword search or inorganically through the page itself.

TIP: The goal is to become a “top contributor” so be sure to start your own discussions as well.

Connect with New Professionals

Spend some time expanding your network. The benefits of this will mean you will come up in more keyword searches and help you to be found more easily. There are two ways in which I suggest you do this.

  1. Use the People You May Know section to help find people you went to school with, worked with, even family members!
  2. Advanced People Search is a great way to connect with headhunters and recruiters. It can be a great reminder, particularly if you are looking for a job, to these types of recruiters to view your profile and help keep you in mind for future opportunities.

Check your Stats

Its always beneficial to see if what you are doing is successful. Go through who has viewed your profile. How you rank. Are you getting views from recruiters or HR professionals? People from your company? Friends? Or CEOs of other companies? Either way, it is important to check these every now and then to see if what you are doing is impacting your views in a positive light.

TIP: Why not connect with these people if you’re not already?


LinkedIn has rolled out a feature to publish longer posts via LinkedIn. Why not write a blog about current issues, lessons you’ve learned over your career or enlightening upon certain aspects of your job? They all help prove you are a knowledgeable executive with a proven expertise; a highly sought after trait nowadays in this competitive market.

Final Tip: The best time to conduct this activity is either during the beginning of your work day or at the end. However I would advise the beginning so people who log on throughout the day have the potential to view your posts while it’s fresh!


Twitter is an extremely useful tool, yet one that is often misconceived and avoided by executives. The fact is, it can be extremely useful to help position yourself as a thought leader, build industry contacts and keep up with industry news.

There are four basic functions on Twitter, all of which we ideally would like to do during our 10 minutes. Here is a daily list of tasks to achieve on Twitter and why:


By tweeting twice a day, this shows you are keeping up to date with industry news. The best way to do this is to actually tweet the news articles you read throughout the day. (or save the URL to post during lunch time).

Most sites nowadays have share buttons in which you can click and share within the space of 10 seconds. I believe this is the most effective and time saving solution available providing you read online articles as part of your daily routine.

TIP: Be sure to utilise the #hashtag to help your tweets reach a broader audience than just your followers.

*Daily target = Minimum of 2 times per day.


Retweeting is important, as it is interaction with others that helps build engagement, which in-turn, builds followers. However, we don’t want to retweet too many tweets and bury the information and opinions of yourself. Just be mindful of this when looking at your profile.

TIP: Do not retweet more than what you tweet yourself.

*Daily target = 0-2


Similar to retweets its a great way to increase interaction with the only difference being that a favourite is it is not shown on your profile. Favourite as many tweets as you like as it is a great way to attract more followers.

Using third party apps can aid this action and one of my favourites is who offer a great free trial. You get to select what type of tweets you want them to favourite which they do on your behalf and guarantee a certain number of followers in return.

TIP: Use the #discover section to categorise the tweets in which you wish to see.

*Daily Target = Minimum of 10


In my opinion this is the most important aspect. If you want people to retweet you, favourite your tweets and give your profile publicity, you have to reply and interact with them and prove you’re a real person. So replying to peoples tweets, complimenting them on a great article, thanking them for following or retweeting you and expressing your view on the tweet they tweeted are all ideas on how you can reply to people and become an industry expert on Twitter. There are third party applications out there that can help you automate this like however be sure not to break twitters terms of agreement when doing so.

*Daily target = 2-10 people per day

Final Tip: The best times to post tweets are in the middle of the day, so ideally, tweet or schedule tweets between 1-2pm which will maximise the potential number of impressions your tweets get.

Follow the plan to help it build your presence online. Once you get more established, feel free to adapt the plan accordingly as you will begin to understand your audience further.

If you need help in executing this plan or understanding any of the social media platforms further, book an appointment with one of our Relationship Manager’s today.

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