3 Daily Tasks Every Executive Should Do to Promote Their Professional Brand

3 Daily Tasks Every Executive Should Do to Promote Their Professional Brand

Being an executive has its moments of chaos. All executives have infinite to-do lists to oversee. Being busy makes you feel productive, but it could also be getting in the way of your most important project: YOU.

“Busy” is the most common reason people give for not doing anything to build their professional brand. They make time for emails, meetings and teleconferences, yet they don’t capture the true benefits of all those activities. Working in their career is getting in the way of working on their career. Does this sound familiar?

Well, here’s three simple yet effective daily tasks- which can be easily accomplished in 15 minutes or less- that can improve your professional branding efforts.

Scan your LinkedIn feed

Start your LinkedIn session with a five-minute scan of the feed on your homepage. Members of your professional network may be sharing interesting articles and materials; you may also come across valuable insights from your chosen LinkedIn Today channels or the Influencers you follow. If you see an article that interests you, quickly skim it and click “like” to acknowledge the person who posted it.

Clear your inbox

Take a few minutes during each session to make sure your LinkedIn Inbox is clear. Respond to messages and connection requests to show people who reach out to you that you are eager to build and nurture professional relationships. Be sure to stay formal-but-friendly in your replies.

Update your professional profile

It is essential to maintain and review your own LinkedIn profile. When it comes to endorsements, for instance, make sure they express the personal brand you want to demonstrate to others. For example, if someone has endorsed you for a skill related to a former career or a skill you no longer want to pursue, it’s okay to delete that skill from your list.
If there are skills you’d like to be endorsed for, go ahead and add those yourself even if no one has endorsed you for them yet. You can even reorganize your skills to put the most relevant ones to your professional brand on top.

LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for the business professional. As with any other social network, the benefits of a well-maintained profile is focused on maximizing one’s visibility and outreach to others. Luckily for the busy executive, this does not have to be a time-consuming endeavor. With 15 minutes of effort daily, you can leave a lasting impact on LinkedIn and drastically improve your professional brand.

Do you have the confidence to improve your professional brand and approach the job market? If you ever need a helping hand, we’re always here for assistance.

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